Alexis Demailly interview

Alexis Demailly (Principal Cornet of the National Opera Orchestra of Paris) commissioned a new work for cornet/trumpet and string quartet (titled “Meditation”) from me last year, and has recently recorded it ready for his new CD release “Fantasque” – where Alexis is accompanied by the Urban String Quartet.

Ahead of the release, he has given a very interesting interview on, where he talks about the project as a whole, the composers involved and why he commissioned them. As a composer, it’s always nice to read/hear such kind words about your music, especially when it’s from a musician such as Alexis (I’m also described as “young” by the interviewer, so of course it is a good interview….).

I’ve heard the final edit of Meditation, and the playing and musicianship are absolutely stunning – can’t wait to hear the whole CD!

Peter’s music is refined, with beautiful strands of melodies and sublime underlying harmonies that are enough to stand on their own.” – Alexis Demailly

Click here to read the interview.

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