February and March news…

At the start of February I was voted as Chair of BASBWE (British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles), which will be quite a challenge – an enjoyable one, an honour, but a challenge. I am very lucky that the rest of the Executive committee are full of energy, experience, youth, brains and ideas – it means we have a lot to look forward to over the next 2 years (my term) and beyond.

Tomra Brass Band. conducted by Nick Ost, gave the premiere of Fire in the Sky at the Norwegian brass band championships. The work is inspired by a trip to the glorious Montreux, Switzerland, and the musicians who have lived there and graced the amazing Stravinski concert Hall, namely Miles Davis, Freddie Mercury and Stravinsky himself.

You can hear their performance here:


March highlights included….

  • First performances in China of any of my music
  • World premiere of Fenix Blue for Alto sax and wind orchestra, given by Tim Watson and Lambeth Wind Orchestra at the BASBWE London Festival
  • Launch of volume 1 of my wind band music – more on this later
  • Apex recorded and released by Jim Hayes
  • BASBWE London Festival (including a performance of Elegie given by Becky Smith and Kew Wind Orchestra)



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