Jens Lindemann performs Apophenia at the ITG

Jens Lindemann has performed my trumpet concerto, Apophenia, at the International Trumpet Guild, held in Sydney, Australia.

Accompanied by St Mary’s Band Club band, conducted by Paul Terracini, the concert took place at the wonderful City Recital Hall and was given an enthusiastic response form the audience – mainly made up of other trumpeters at the conference.

I was lucky enough to be able to head to Sydney to attend the performance thanks to a British Council Composers Scheme bursary, and the generous lending of a room from my old college friend, and euphonium soloist Matthew van Emmerik.

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One comment on “Jens Lindemann performs Apophenia at the ITG
  1. Todd Fiegel says:

    Peter, I’m really looking forward to conducting Apophenia with Jens and the Utah Premiere Brass in Provo and Salt Lake City March 11-12, 2011. Jens told me this will be the North American premiere and we’re really excited!

    Best regards,
    Todd Fiegel

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