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Brass Band Wind Orchestra / Band Orchestra Chamber
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Title Difficulty Year Instrumentation Code
Elegie  (w / Brass 5tet) Moderately Difficult 2004 PMM009
Elegie  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2004 PMM010
Elegie  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2004 PMM011
Elegie  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2004 PMM049
Episodes and Echoes  (w / Brass Band) Hard 2005 PMM016
Alu  (w / Brass Band) Moderate 2005 PMM007
Alu  (w/ Piano) Moderate 2005 PMM008
Episodes and Echoes  (w/ Piano) Hard 2005 PMM018
Episodes and Echoes  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2005 PMM017
B of the Bang  (Brass Band) Hard 2005 PMM038
Requiem Paraphrases  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2005 PMM048
Requiem Paraphrases  (w / Brass Ensemble) Hard 2006 PMM001
Requiem Paraphrases  (w / Brass Band) Hard 2006 PMM002
Requiem Paraphrases  (w/ Piano) Hard 2006 PMM003
Moz!  (w / Brass Ensemble) Moderate 2006 PMM004
Moz!  (w/ Piano) Moderate 2006 PMM006
Break It Down  Easy 2006 PMM022
Devil’s Duel  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM024
Devil’s Duel  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM012
Devil’s Duel  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM013
Red Flame  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM020
Red Flame  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM019
Match Day  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2006 PMM037
Floating Dreams  (Tenor Horn) Moderately Difficult 2007 PMM021
Floating Dreams  (Tuba) Moderately Difficult 2007 PMM023
Floating Dreams  (French Horn) Moderately Difficult 2007 PMM052
Apex  (w / Brass Band) Easy 2007 PMM014
Apex  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Easy 2007 PMM015
Macbeth  (Brass Band) Hard 2007 PMM025
Fanfare for a Festival  Easy 2007 PMM027
These Mist Covered Mountains  (w / Brass Band) Moderate 2007 PMM029
Manchester Sketches  Moderately Difficult 2007 PMM035
Autumn Falling  Moderate 2007 PMM036
These Mist Covered Mountains  (Eb Trumpet) Moderate 2007 PMM039
These Mist Covered Mountains  (Tuba) Moderate 2007 PMM101
Lament (from Macbeth)  (Brass Band) Moderate 2007 PMM041
Macbeth  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2007 PMM034
Lament (from Macbeth)  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderate 2007 PMM042
Floating Dreams  (Euphonium) Moderately Difficult 2007 PMM056
Fields of Destruction  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2008 PMM073
Apophenia  (w / Brass Ensemble) Hard 2008 PMM044
Apophenia  (w / Brass Band) Hard 2008 PMM045
Apophenia  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2008 PMM046
Scene From the Silver Plate  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2008 PMM050
Scene from the Silver Plate  Moderately Difficult 2008 PMM051
…a night devoid of stars  Moderate 2009 PMM032
Fields of Destruction  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2009 PMM040
Introduction and Toccata  Moderately Difficult 2009 PMM067
Epitaph (for Hillsborough)  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2009 PMM053
Epitaph (for Hillsborough)  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2009 PMM055
2nd Epitaph – Across the Water  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM079
JET A  Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM076
Manchester Concertino  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM066
Manchester Concertino  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM065
The Legend of King Arthur  (Brass Band) Hard 2010 PMM061
The Legend of King Arthur  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2010 PMM062
Triptych (on a theme by Handel)  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM058
Triptych (on a theme by Handel)  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM059
Fire in the Sky  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM071
Fire in the Sky  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2010 PMM072
Fenix Blue  Hard 2010 PMM074
Song (from Milestone)  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2011 PMM095
In Memory (FM)  Moderate 2011 PMM033
Three London Places  Moderately Difficult 2011 PMM043
Sentinel  Moderate 2011 PMM064
Shine  (w / Brass Band) Hard 2011 PMM068
Shine  (w/ Piano) Hard 2011 PMM070
The Pohutukawa Stands  (Brass Band) Moderate 2011 PMM084
2nd Epitaph – Across the Water  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2011 PMM080
Harry’s Song  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2011 PMM139
Shine  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2011 PMM069
Milestone  (w/ Piano) Moderately Difficult 2012 PMM117
Maiden Voyage (Hymn for a Ship of Sorrow)  Moderate 2012 PMM026
Burn  Moderately Difficult 2012 PMM082
Harry’s Song  (w/ Piano) Moderate 2012 PMM102
Harry’s Song  (Brass Band) Moderate 2012 PMM098
March: insieme  (Brass Band) Moderate 2012 PMM090
Starlight (band version)  Moderately Difficult 2012 PMM089
ISS Flyover  Moderately Difficult 2012 PMM099
Starlight (solo trumpet version)  (w / Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2012 PMM077
Origins  (w/ Piano) Hard 2012 PMM088
Origins  (Brass Band) Hard 2012 PMM087
Origins  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2012 PMM086
Fragile Oasis  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Hard 2013 PMM110
Forgotten Children  (Brass Ensemble) Moderately Difficult 2013 PMM085
Fragile Oasis  (Brass Band) Hard 2013 PMM091
Milestone  (w / Brass Band) Hard 2013 PMM096
Kristy’s Song  (w/ Piano) Moderate 2013 PMM097
Kristy’s Song  (w / Brass Band) Moderate 2013 PMM094
Hougoumont  Moderately Difficult 2013 PMM093
Velvet Blue  Hard 2013 PMM119
The Pohutukawa Stands  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderate 2013 PMM083
March: insieme  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderate 2014 PMM103
Cyni  Moderate 2014 PMM114
Forgotten Children  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderately Difficult 2014 PMM115
Lullaby for Marieke  (Tenor Horn) Moderate 2014 PMM133
Lullaby for Marieke  (Tuba) Moderate 2014 PMM134
Zenith  Easy 2014 PMM108
Letters for Home  Moderate 2014 PMM109
Orpheus (Concerto for Trumpet)  (Brass Band) Moderately Difficult 2014 PMM105
Meditation  Moderately Difficult 2015 PMM116
Song of Hope  (w / Brass Band) Moderate 2015 PMM129
Song of Hope  (w/ Piano) Moderate 2015 PMM126
Song of Hope  (w / Brass Ensemble) Moderate 2015 PMM131
Korn Symphony  Hard 2015 PMM140
Song of Hope (w/soloist)  (w / Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderate 2015 PMM127
Song of Hope  (Orchestra) Easy 2015 PMM130
Song of Hope (band version)  (Wind Orchestra / Band) Moderate 2015 PMM128
One Sweet Dream  Hard 2016 PMM141
Renaissance of Wonder  Hard 2016 PMM142
Cantus (on E.D.)  Moderately Difficult 2016 PMM143
Night Flight  Moderate 2017 PMM120
Soul Divine  Moderately Difficult 2017 PMM121
Chorals (on Brecht)  Moderate 2017 PMM122
Land of the Living Skies  (w/ Piano) Hard 2017 PMM137

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Upcoming performances

Bû, France
Song of Hope
Friday, 23 February 2018

Valdosta, GA
Fragile Oasis
Friday, 23 February 2018

Tampa, FL
Fragile Oasis (CBDNA/NBA SD conference)
Saturday, 24 February 2018 19:00

Nantes, France
Fragile Oasis
Sunday, 25 February 2018

Breese, IL
Letters for Home
Thursday, 08 March 2018

Mesa, AZ
Land of the Living Skies
Sunday, 11 March 2018 15:00

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Wind of Change (world premiere)
Friday, 16 March 2018

Lucerne, Switzerland
Epitaph for Hillsborough
Saturday, 17 March 2018 19:30

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Wind of Change
Monday, 19 March 2018

Navan, Ireland
Fire in the Sky
Saturday, 07 April 2018