Solo Trumpet (or Cornet) and Brass Band

Apex was commissioned by Mark Bousie and David Armitage (President of Sellers International Ltd.) for the Sellers International Youth Band to perform at the Action Research Entertainment Contest in Blackpool, 2007. Originally commissioned as part of a stage act with a magician, who levitated the soloist, Apex takes its title from the literal meaning of the word – the highest point.

As well as being a solo for cornet, the piece also strongly features the percussion section, as well as the band singing!

The solo part is equally suitable for cornet, flugel horn or trumpet.

First performance:
Sellers International Youth Band
Mark Bousie – Conductor
Joe Murray – Cornet

Performance notes:
* The singing parts are written in transposed pitch, and should be sung to an “ah” sound
* The percussionists should feel free to add instruments (Such as bongos) and treat section C to the end as a guide, which they can change and build on
* From section C until the end, percussion parts 1 and 2 may be played by one percussionist on a drum set