B of the Bang

Brass Band

B of the Bang is a fast and furious concert opener commissioned by Luc Vertommen and Brass Band Buizingen, Belgium, for the Kerkrade World Brass Band Championships.


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PMM038 - B of the Bang
Year composed: 2005
Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 5

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Program Note

B of the Bang has a double reference point for its title, both of which are very closely related.

A quotation from the legendary British Sprinter, Linford Christie, was the initial starting point for the piece. Christie used to say that he started his races not merely at the ‘bang’ of the starting pistol, but at ‘The B of the Bang’.

B of the Bang (Again named after the Christie quote) is also the name of a prominent sculpture in the composers’ home city, Manchester. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, it is the tallest self-supporting sculpture in the United Kingdom and was constructed close to the City of Manchester Stadium in order to commemorate the success of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

B of the Bang was commissioned by Luc Vertommen and Brass Band Buizingen, Belgium, for the Kerkrade World Brass Band Championships.

First performance:
Brass Band Buizingen
Luc Vertommen – Conductor
Kerkrade, Holland.

Album name: The Legend of King Arthur
Media: CD
Artists: Fodens Brass Band / Mike Fowles -- Cond.
Label: Doyen

Album name: European Championships Highlights 2011
Media: DVD
Artists: European Youth Brass Band / Phillipe Bach - cond.
Label: World of Brass

US Parts

Bass clef parts, as well as Horn in F parts, are available free of charge for this title. Please email via the contact page for information.

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