Night Flight

Euphonium and Piano

Commissioner, Robert Benton, writes:

“In April of 2016, my daughter Julia was born. That first night in the hospital, she began crying (as babies tend to do). Being the dead of night, I tried soothing her by singing the first song I thought of: “Blackbird singing in the dead of night.” It seemed to work and became our going-to-sleep song.

Later that summer, I heard Peter Meechan’s new tuba sonata One Sweet Dream. Each movement of that sonata is based upon an idea found in a Beatles song. After hearing that piece, I asked if he would be willing to do one more movement—a lullaby on Blackbird for my daughter Julia. He agreed, and now we have this beautiful little piece!

The reference to the Beatles tune here is not too obvious, but it’s enough that I think the music will have the same effect! It was intended as a gift for Julia and my wife Kristen, but I would be pleased if other euphonium players programmed it and for it to become a valued part of the euphonium recital repertoire.”

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