Song of Hope

Trumpet and Piano


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PMM126 - Song of Hope
Year composed: 2015
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5

Program Note

Song of Hope is dedicated to my good friend Ryan Anthony (principal trumpet with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra) and his charity, Cancer Blows – a foundation set up to raise awareness and money to further the research that has helped give their family a hope for a future following Ryan’s diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

Upon hearing the middle movement (simply titled “Song”) of my cornet concerto, Milestone, Ryan asked me if I could change the end from its current reflective ending to something more uplifting, and to title it Song of Hope, giving it much more meaning than I could have ever imagined.

Song of Hope exists with 1, 2 or 3 soloists, and is scored with either wind band, brass band, brass ensemble or symphony orchestra, as well as a wind band scoring without soloist.

For my friend Ryan.

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