Non-Meechan Music works / Special Orders

Whilst the majority of the my music is published by Meechan Music/Peter Meechan Music, there are some titles which are available from other publishers/distributors.

Below is a list of these pieces

Peter Meechan Music special order titles:

PMM005 • Moz! – for Euphonium and Brass Band
PMM028 • Fanfare for a Festival – for Wind Band
PMM031 • Curtain Call – for Brass Band
PMM047 • Apophenia – for Trumpet and Piano
PMM057 • Chorlton Suite – for Wind Band
PMM063 • Storm – for Brass Quintet (trombone feature)
PMM075 • Rise
PMM078 • Starlight (solo trumpet version) – for Trumpet and Wind Band
PMM092 • Starlight (band version) – for Wind Band

G and M Brand / C. Alan publications (all wind band)

cat# 10263 – Crazy Diamonds Shining (concerto for soprano saxophone)
cat# 10269 – Carnival
cat# 10274 – Lift Off!
cat# 10275 – Bang 2
cat# 10279 – Match Day
cat# 10300 – Eternal Light

Studio Music

M050085881a – The Karman Line

Prima Vista Musikk

Absolute Reality (Euphonium and Piano)
Auld Lang Syne (Euphonium and Brass Band)
Auld Lang Syne (Euphonium and Piano)
Funk Theory (Euphonium and piano and/or CD)
Funk Theory (Euphonium and Trombone Quartet)
Parallel Realities (Solo Euphonium)
Purcell Variants (Brass Band)
Purcell Variants (Wind Band)
Sparta (Euphonium and Brass Band)
The Chronicals of Odersfelt (Brass Band)
Three Stories – Three Worlds (Euphonium and Brass Band)
Three Stories – Three Worlds (Euphonium and Piano)