PDF Download Information

Once purchased or rented, your PDF files will be manually stamped with your details (and the details of performance if the parts are rental), and a link will be emailed to you from which you will be able to download your purchased or rented score and/or parts. You can expect to receive the link no later than 4 days after purchase, although most downloads are available within 24 hours.

If rented, you are required to delete the PDF file after the performance. The PDF files should not be shared with anyone, and doing so is a breach of copyright and may lead to legal action.

Printing Information

You can now download selected titles from this website. After purchasing, you will be sent a receipt by email, and then a second email containing the link, or links, to download your files.

Parts come in a 9×12 format, and scores come in 9×12 or 11×17 depending on the size of the score. Each set of parts and each score are designed to print on A4 or Letter sized paper, if 9×12, or on A3 or Tabloid if on 11×17.

  • If printing an 11×17 score on A3, simply print at 97% reduction (or click “fit to page”)
  • If printing a 9×12 score or set of parts on A4, print at 96% reduction (most will print at “actual size” – ie 100%, but with small borders)
  • If printing a 9×12 score or set of parts on Letter size paper, print at 94% reduction (again, larger sizes may work depending on the set you are printing, but with smaller margins)
  • Each set comes with an explanation on how to do this.

Any questions, please email me.

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