Peter Meechan named as one of the ten composers for the brass band future

Link to the full article: have put together a list of “ten composers who we feel could have a serious part to play in new band music in the next few years.”

“Of our ten X Factor composers Peter Meechan is the only one to have had a piece played at a contest challenging bands at the highest level. His ‘Macbeth’ made a strong impression when it was used at the Scottish Open in 2007 whilst his Trumpet Concerto, ‘Apophenia’, played by Rex Richardson at the 2009 Festival of Brass, proved to be a complex, energetic and fascinating piece that flirted with rock, jazz and funk in an absorbing and original way. There is a strong case for ‘Macbeth’ to be heard again but listen out for his engaging ‘Purcell Variants’ which Fodens played at the Festival of Brass. We reckon that given the chance, there could be a good deal more in store from Dr Meechan in the future.”

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