Adaptable Music

As part of the Creative Repertoire Initative I have written/re-worked several pieces that are for an adaptable/flexible ensembles (for band and string instruments) a response to the challenges to music performance and education that have been created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea behind these pieces is that, no matter the issues we face moving in to the 2020/21 academic year, there will be repertoire for players of all levels to learn and play together, be it in person, a hybrid-model, etc..

Each piece has been arranged in to 4 voices (S,A,T,B) and scored so that each instrument in your ensemble can play any part (ie flute 1 - 4, French Horn 1 -4, Tuba 1 - 4 etc.). There are optional percussion parts in every piece and several of the pieces also have optional piano parts. There are also works with electronics too! Also included in the set will be a score for each instrument (e.g. a 4 part score for trombone, a 4-part score for clarinet, etc..), as well as a score in C complete with all of the percussion parts.

Each set will be delivered digitally as a PDF and you are free to distribute those PDF files to anyone within your program.

For more information, please see this Meechan Music Adaptable Chart FAQ.

Please note:

All adaptable music titles are delivered digitally. Each set contains a score as well as 4 parts (SATB) for every instrument in your band/orchestra. They are designed to be played and rehearsed so that any instrument can play any part.

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