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Sword Pulling (Legend of King Arthur)

One of the questions I am asked the most is about the sword pulling noise in The Legend of King Arthur.

When I wrote this, instead of putting specific directions as to how to create the sound, I thought it better to allow the percussionists to be creative and come up with their own method, that suited them and their imaginations.

However, I thought I’d share with you a note I received from Michael Bach, who commissioned and premeiered the piece, as to how he created the sound.

  • 1x Glissando on Tubular Bells with rear end of Hammers (using both arms starting with crossed arms) => sounds “shreeeeeng”
  • 1x Roll on a double Cymb (2 cymbals, probably crash, of the same size directly put on top of each other, played with Hard sticks) => Sounds “shhhhhh”
  • 1x glissando on tubes ( !) of Vibraphone, using wooden sticks, both hands , sounds “krrrrrrrong”
  • 1x glissando on tubes of Marimba